WHY Palantir Stock Price Dropped YET Holding is still Viable

Ryan J Harris
2 min readFeb 16, 2021

Its still too new but is a Major Buy at this new Price Drop Point

Like many have stated the company Palantir (PLTR) is over valued for its size and capability; its been at hard work fixing it since November 2020 introduction to the public markets in order to set itself up to be profitable by Q2 or Q3 2021.

I suspect they would wait this drop out from around $35 dollars per share, after this earnings report Q1 of 2021, then start buying back their own shares at a lower price so as to not cause a major slip in their value while taking profits from their stock value earnings within their allowed dump of their own stocks from around $35 dollars and a buy back into the market around $27– $30 dollars per share range with a much larger sum to purchase.

Let’s not forget this is just Q1 of 2021. There’s the current deals that they’ve constructed from their start on the markets late 2020. This means its still a infant with its birth into a rich family with its stock value. This is still a strong hold if you’ve bought the stock around 30 dollars, take the small loss don’t lose your shirt you still own a greater share with the loss than selling and not having the purchase power to recoup. If you sell only sell a portion to cover those loses within another stock to recoup your losses from PLTR.

Its a Major Buy as of now for those who have no shares within the stock and also a buy more for those who already have the stock; its cheaper now, get in before its at my evaluated price of $145 dollars per share within 2–3 years. Like I’ve stated before, the company has potential with that birth into wealth as they are given the world with the new found funds they have at their disposal and all those long term government contracts give them “Bruce Wane” longevity within that wealth.

As a conclusion, the loss reported is temporary and before we know it the price will spike back to higher values within time. This is the first report of 2021 and PLTR will have plenty of time from now to Q4 to rebound. I suspect the price to be closing today around $29– $28 dollars per share and after hours it could spike but pre-markets may lower it to $27 dollars per share come opening bell 17 February 2021. Hold if you have it and if you need to stop the bleed sell off 30% to recoup the loses within covering stock picks that aim at negating major losses over your portfolio. This is nothing but a minor set back as re-adjusting within markets take place you also re-adjust to make up the losses within your portfolio shifting out of the stock into recuperation stocks while still owning shares within the current slipped stock values due to earnings report of this stock but the company is still a strong buy their stock company in the long term.