What’s Next for Palantir (PLTR) share holders…Short Squeeze

Ryan J Harris
3 min readFeb 17, 2021

I have shares so its a hold for me to short squeeze

Now that PLTR is around that closing price I called 16 February 2021, priced around $27– $30 dollars USD, I suspect it will see a major climb within the up coming weeks to combat shorts more so as shorting ratios have been declining in the month of February this year. Although be it, the earnings report has an affect of lowering the price point that may aid in the professional analyst “prediction” of around $16 — $17 dollars per share which they state is its true value. I am on a platform that won’t allow me to short so I go for the short squeeze and I also have an evaluation of the stock pricing upwards to $145 dollars USD within 2–3 years since its introduction to publicly traded markets.

This is one of the fastest growing stocks that has gained popularity among the regular traders and new to the game players within the markets. As the price did drop on 16 February 2021 due Q1 earnings reports, which was an indicator to large money share holder to start dumping by shorting the stock, it is still a buy to gain some losses for short term then a pull back until it settles. Then there are the shorters who aim to lower PLTR to $16 — $17 dollars which has been a practice to only those close to the market heads thanks to the larger sums of money to pay their way into larger gains by shorting. I suppose as large share holders being an insider is very beneficial to their portfolios.

According to my intel the Short Ratio for PLTR was around 20% as of 16 February 2021. The Short Volume was around 32,000,000 shares, hints why it slide so much after the earnings report, out of about 180,000,000 Total Volume of shares traded that day. If the Short Squeeze happens 17 February 2021 those fees are going to be more than 3.85% and those people shorting will have to cover like the stock GME if the stock climbs instead of fall. I suspect those shorting will keep it close to reasonable on the shorting as there are some buying PLTR up to offer the shares at a much lower price point to cover for the shorters.

With this said I’ve set my price around $42 dollars USD, not expecting it to get there today, and its set to Good Until Canceled; from my previous article, written 16 February 2021 about PLTR, I stated that 30% sale off to cover losses by buying into other stocks was a good thing to do if said share holder could not afford to take a loss and just buy more later, I did the same and…