Supposedly 7.1M Shares are slotted for a Short on Palantir

Ryan J Harris
4 min readFeb 22, 2021

They are available but still I am not here to bet against my picks

Even though there are some betting against the stock, who really is going to take that bet; yet, when I attempt to short the stock the shares aren’t their for me to short. Either the intel is bad or something else is happening where my accounts are blocked yet said restrictions use to not be a problem on the accounts but now it is a problem.

Oh well, Palantir (PLTR) is slotted to be shorted like crazy today, allegedly its getting a short on 22 February 2021. I am not sure if that is going to be the “just”. In other words, the stock has a longevity but you really have to be in it for a long term and keep buying it up even when it falls so as to either take shares available from the shorters and hold the stock long term to keep the shorters from dry costing your portfolio or pull back off the stock and just keep what share you have, be happy with that. In other words, if you got in at a lower price the short that are to come shouldn’t harm your bottom line price to entry.

Here’s the just but is it really happening

I think today is one of my “Watch Day Mondays”. Its when you come off a large loss or gain to calm down and re-evaluate the position you’re in so as to not make bad moves when things are great or even worse when you trying to recoup losses. That large jump in the…