Palantir Stock Rebounds…What’s Possible

Ryan J Harris
2 min readFeb 20, 2021

I’ve stated this is a great stock to hold… longer term assessment is $145 dollars (USD) per share

Palantir (PLTR) has a comeback from $24.94 to $29.75, in the after hours of 19 February 2021. I was off a bit on the buy back target price point of $27, as a practice if you’ve got the liquidity its okay to purchase more after you’ve preformed a personal portfolio assessment; my assessment is within a margin of error, not truly knowing how the trends “tided” with reactions to changes within the markets and taking into account the possible percentage loss overall for particular stocks with popularity baked in.

This doesn’t mean the stock is out of the woods. There may be a period of fluctuation in the stock price over a month or two, possible longer. This major jump could also be some investors short term gains play for the time being; since the price point is still affordable there’s more to come with a float of the stock by huge money day trading investors. I suspect it to move between $25 to $35 dollars. When there’s a large jumps in price, as such a move with PLTR, those shares can be made a weapon as they can be made available to the shorters later to reap a larger gain as the stock drop back too $22 to $25 dollars per share. Since this is a thing, if you don’t have shares, re-evaluate to see what is your buy back in number that afford you the best overall profits for your personal portfolio rather the stock drop or not and then consider if its wiser to attempt to short the stock.

This is the part of trading where charts matter, also social media plays a major role, to an extent, and a company’s news is very valuable; yet, there’s the other side of an unknown, that is “those who are of a particular class in wealth” do little to announce their play on earning with a short play. They, who have the funds, rarely need a large social gathering to be convinced of the moves to make is in their best interest; when it comes to obtaining a nice profit, the less others know how, why, and when the better off your potential profits in doing . The power the well off have too their disposal is huge sums of money to buy up the stock and also huge sums of money to short. I suppose its a controlled “double play”, within the markets, knowing that if you control a percentage of the stock you can make available to self or not the share to short the stock later. Still I think this stock is a hold with a price point, over the years to come, of $145 dollars (USD) per share but it may be a while before that comes to pass.