Ryan J Harris
6 min readFeb 18, 2021

Could Any Penny Stocks Become $ 1,000 Dollar Stocks

Let’s see if its possible…with a Easter egg within this article

For any company that is licensed to operate as a business they have to have investors, services and/or goods, and be able to cover operational expenses with their goal to make their earnings report, for those investors and tax purposes, profitable to remain operational. When it comes to the pink sheets, Over-the-Counter (OTC) shares, they are the cheap seats to many investors looking at mid-micro markets to which market makers provide access. These OTC shares are not listed on major exchanges, such as New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) or Nasdaq, and can be purchased through full service brokers or discount brokerage. When it comes to trading within the stock market the more buying power you have the better the opportunities to earn substantial sums of profits. When it comes to penny stock its much easier to purchase larger sums of shares to which that public investment contributes toward smaller companies gaining better opportunities of being able expand through technology acquisitions, expansion into other markets, or a process of limiting or shrinking companies cost of operations. This process of expansion, in point of overall goals, should always be an objective towards lowering over head which matters more so in order to have liquidity to re-invest into the company’s pursuit to make profits and ultimately become a major company traded on a major exchange.

Over time companies’ goals, who are publicly traded as OTC shares, are to smartly expand and restructure along the way seeking future placement onto a major exchange. These type of companies are not your “mom and pop” shops that are one or two branching facilities too make ends meet. They are smaller versions of the larger companies within the same markets servicing or providing a demographic who require a service or need through contractual agreements. These companies are on a micro scale to the large entities; I would define them, in comparison to “mom and pop” shops, as being mid-micro to those variants. If said OTC shares companies are wise, many of them coming to markets, as a publicly traded OTC share company, may want to operate within services that aid a social need or government need aiming to fill or solve a need or problem at a much more cost conscious position than the major players within their markets. This place these type of mid-micro companies in line to win government and business contracts as being a cheaper option which are able to achieve…