Best Stock Options For Low Income Individuals

Ryan J Harris
2 min readFeb 16, 2021

What I’ve invested in as low income investor

Here are a few thoughts on my stock picks so far. Below are stock picks and why I come to a conclusion they are my best options for my portfolio and goals.

Palantir Technologies Inc.— (PLTR)

I see this company as being more than just a software based company but can assess their moves so far seems to be placing them as major players within the markets of data centers and data sharing aspects within Information Technologies. This is a long term stock with my evaluation of it growing in value to $145 dollars (USD) within 2–3 years of its introduction to the publicly traded markets. I got it at $9.80 dollars (USD) and now its around $30 dollars (USD) per share. Its a great buy and hold long term within my portfolio or any portfolio looking for an affordable company stock that is strong to grow within time.

Credit Suisse AG Credit Suisse X-Links Monthly Pay 2xLeveraged Mortgage REIT Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs) due July 11, 2036 — (REML)

This is a Real-estate ETN stock and is on a rebound from 2020. It was valued around $28 dollars (USD) per share at the start of 2020. Although be it, the margins for real-estate has changed since then but due to worker migrations opening up more residential potentials in low cost of living location vs living within high cost cities, workers are now more than ever able to save and invest for the purchase of real-estate while working from home keeping their cost and carbon footprint low. This move can drive up demand for housing in cheaper cost of living locations which over time should rebound this stock’s value. I give it a year or two to be valued around $13 — $18 dollars (USD). To me its a value stock that can be great within portfolios seeking dividend payouts and long term ownership.

These are two stocks that I currently own and see as best options for my goals and portfolio. My watchlist is much larger but as a low income general trader I’ve placed my best earning potentials towards stocks that not only have better growth potential but can payout dividends along the way. As my portfolio grows I will announce new stock options that are owned in my personal account.

Ryan J Harris